January 21, 2022


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12 Things That You Should Not Do While Traveling

Travel writers often express enthusiasm and the zeal about visiting new places, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people. However, they never talk about the important things that as a traveler you should not do while traveling in a different country. It has become necessary to tell the world about the customs and the things that one should not be doing as a traveler. The article gives you information about the common things that you should avoid while traveling. The result of avoiding these mistakes will be that you will travel in a smarter, cheaper, and for a longer period.

1. Mind your eating habits

Adrian Snood via Foter.com / CC BY-NC
It is very natural for you to find it fascinating to eat at a famous restaurant or near a major tourist attraction site. Remember that the price of the food in such places is often double. As these places know that tourists are one-time visitors, they no longer worry about quality or the pricing. On the other hand, you would be talking about the fantastic recipe that you ate at an attraction when you return home.

2. Do not exchange money at the airports!

Wesley Fryer via Foter.com / CC BY-SA
Do not even think about exchanging money at the airport. They offer the worst exchange rates. To get best rates, you can directly use your ATM card or credit card. The charge will be less and close to that of an interbank rate. Do not attempt to exchange money until and unless there is an emergency. Try to use your debit/credit card for transactions.

3. Traveler’s cheques are a past!

Canadian Pacific via Foter.com / CC BY-NC
Traveler’s cheques issued by banks give you the chance to exchange it for the predetermined value anywhere in the world. It was useful much before the widespread use of ATMs and credit cards. These cheques are of no use in today’s world. Use your credit card for all your transactions, as the widespread use is allowing you to make use of them even at a small coffee shop.

4. Cards with no banking fee

frankieleon via Foter.com / CC BY
You do not have to pay your money to the bank each time you carry out an international transaction. Look for cards offered by banks that charge you no money for such transactions. You can very well choose World MasterCard or VISA that charges no foreign transaction fee. Additionally, you will also gain the chance to earn points.

5. Extensive search

Do not solely rely on Google for everything. Use different websites and search engines to find a great deal. By choosing only a major search engine, you might be missing a great deal. Look for seasonal and smaller budget airlines. Often major search engines do not list them due to poor website ranking or traffic. Search extensively the internet to grab the best deal on your flight tickets. Do not just stick to the major travel sites.

6. Do apply for a travel insurance

free pictures of money via Foter.com / CC BY
Travel insurance is the most important element for a traveler. You might consider it as an added expense, but having insurance is always beneficial. You never know what will happen after you land at your tourist destination. You can get into an accident, lose your baggage, or even leave the country due to a natural disaster. You can avoid such nuisance by choosing valid travel insurance.

7. Do not disrespect the dialect

Meanest Indian via Foter.com / CC BY-ND
Yes! You heard it right. Do not attempt to disrespect the local dialect or the slang when it comes to English. The accent, though funny in many parts of the globe, is the result of the adapted dialect of the English to the local language accent. It is important that you understand this very clearly and try respecting the person who is trying to communicate with you in English. Do not even try to make fun of the culture or the local language.

8. Are hospitality networks considerable?

Jocey K via Foter.com / CC BY-SA
If you are anxious about engaging with new people and interested in participating in a cultural exchange, you may consider Couchsurfing, BeWelcome, and Servas, which allow a traveler to stay with the locals without paying a penny. However, these places are only for couples and large families. The network gives an opportunity to meet with traveling families and learn a new culture, insights, and views. It will provide you the occasion to make many friends and the chance to learn deeply about your destination.

9. Avoid taxis!

Pippoloide via Foter.com / CC BY
The best way to travel, explore, and experience your destination is by choosing the local mode of transport. Do not choose taxis. They charge heavily and often rob you of the fun that you can experience while traveling in the local mode of transportation. The only time you can feel a taxi is good when you share the fare with other people. On the contrary, you can get into a taxi when there is an emergency.

10. Travel intelligently but not foolishly

Peter Drach (aka PeteDragomir) via Foter.com / CC BY-SA
Of course, time is money, but not at the expense of your health. You can save $2 by walking a few blocks. However, the action consumes an hour to reach the destination. Is it worth? As a traveler, you have time, but you should not overdo it and save money at the expense of time. It is about being smart. Try to balance the cost and the time, so that you can have a pleasant and enticing trip.

11. Mind your dressing

pfala via Foter.com / CC BY-ND
You might be feeling all excited about your journey and packing all your wonderful clothes. Nevertheless, beware! In many countries, showing flesh – especially women – is extremely offensive. Do study about the dress code and cultural specs about the destination that you are planning to visit.

12. Consult local tourist office

petercooperuk via Foter.com / CC BY-SA
Visiting the local tourist office is beneficial. They provide you with plenty of information on local tourism, events, festivals, attractions, and other offbeat areas that you are not going to find in a guidebook. You can also come across maps and discount cards, which will help you through your stay at the destination.