January 27, 2022


The Trip Encyclopedia

4 Air Travel Tips for Pets

A majority of dogs handle air travel quite well, and their owners are frequently very surprised to see how happy their dogs look when they arrive at their new house.
Use the following travel tips to help ensure that your dog has a successful trip:
Prior To The Trip
Pets are often sensitive to changes.  Do you best to stick with your regular routine and keep life for your dog as normal as possible.  Keep your regular schedules for exercise and meals.  If at all possible, allow your dog to get used to the pet carrier.
If you haven’t yet purchased a pet carrier then it’s best to review the right one for your pet – you can see a good selection at http://www.petcarrierverdict.com/.
Placing a special treat inside of the crate can help your pet associate it with positive things.  In addition, add a tempting and comfortable bed inside of the crate.  Don’t lock your dog inside the crate yet.  You should the crate door should be left open so that your dog can sniff and explore the crate, both inside and outside – and maybe discover that it’s a very comfortable place to sleep.
At Pick-Up Time   
How you act during pick-up time is critical to the way your dog feels.  Try to be as upbeat and confident as possible.  An emotional and lengthy departure can cause unnecessary anxiety for your pet.
Try to maintain your regular schedule of exercise and meals, but avoid giving your dog a large meal right before his departure.  It is good to give him a light meal approximately four hour prior to flight time.
Exercise will also help with promoting a bowel movement as well as help your dog to relax while in transit.  Two portions of food should be prepared for your dog into two separate plastic bags.  At pick-up time these portions will be attached to the outside of your dog’s crate, and then will be made available in case there is a delay in your dog’s trip.
If your dog will be going into kenneling, make sure you have informed us of any special medical or diet needs.
If you want to provide bedding for your dog’s security and comfort, please do.  What we recommend is a towel or small blanket.  A large bed should not be used since it could become uncomfortable and hot.  Large bones and any other heavy items should not be included since they could become dangerous if there is any turbulence.  It is fine to include a small blanket smelling like home.  However, avoid adding any blankets that have a loose weave or holes in them since they could end up getting caught in your dog’s paws.
At Your New House  
Resume your regular routine as soon as you can to help your dog adapt.  Offer a light meal and drinking water as soon as you get to your new house.  However, if your dog doesn’t feel like eating right away, don’t be surprised.  Resume your regular schedules for exercising and feeding as soon as possible.  Unpack any familiar items to make the new house feel like home for your dog.
In order to minimize any change of escaping, make sure to check all gates and fences before allowing your dog into the new yard.