5 European Countries With The Best Hotels

5 European Countries With The Best Hotels

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Did you ever wonder which are the best hotels in Europe? Have you ever wondered why and how did they become famous? Well, apart from the excellent hotel accommodations, your comfort must be a top priority. So check out the top hotels in Europe, it might help you while deciding your stay for your next vacation!


1. The Ballyfin Demesne, Ireland


The Ballyfin Demesne, Ireland

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A 20-room restored Georgian home that is an hour and a half north of Dublin in the County of Laois is one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe. The five-star hotel Ballyfin Demesne gained interest not only from different individuals but also from famous personalities because of its comforting country feel.


Apart from the said country comfort, the interior designs of the Georgian comprise of gilded mirrors and four-poster canopy beds. On the other hand, the hotel has a 614 acres secluded garden. A row out in the lake or going for a horseback riding will be worth it while staying in there. It is like living the life of Royalty!



2. The Summer Lodge Country House Hotel, England


The Summer Lodge Country House Hotel, England


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A hotel designed by the famous English Novelist Thomas Hardy will make you feel like you’re back in the 19th-century the moment you step in The Summer Lodge Country House Hotel.


The 24 rooms have decorations that can give you a homely English vibe because of the florals, fabrics, and wallpapers. It will give you comfort like no other.


Apart from that, they have an indoor glass pool and a complete literary stroll at the adjacent deer park. Well, Thomas Hardy seems to have outdone himself by creating a perfect literary fantasy place.


3. Hotel IL Pellicano, Italy


Hotel IL Pellicano, Italy

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For a perfect blue water saltwater pool, the Hotel IL Pellicano in Tuscany can offer you a water escapade. With that Hotel’s excellent overlooking view of the sparkling Mediterranean sea, it caught a lot of people’s attention. Aside from the view, the place is also famous for their gold sunburst headboards.


The property’s interior designs give the vacationist a match up with a comfort of old-school glamor and modern vibe. Well, who wouldn’t feel at ease when you are overlooking a beautiful sea while seated at the coffee tables enjoying the breeze and the sun?


4. Hotel Schweizerhof, Switzerland


Hotel Schweizerhof, Switzerland

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At the compact city in Switzerland, famous for its medieval architecture and how it sits at the amid snow-capped mountains on Lake Lucerne. The town of Lucerne happens to have one of Europe’s best hotels. Apparently, the Hotel Schweizerhof is known for its best service and classic European vibe.


The interior rooms of the hotel are colorful, aside from that the common rooms (though common) can offer a glamorous vibe. But the best catch of the whole hotel is the best reason to leave your rooms is at night where the different colored light illuminates the hotel’s exterior which reflects and glimmer on the Lake Lucerne. Now you know where to get your next perfect Instagram photo!


5. Canaves Oia Santorini, Greece


Canaves Oia Santorini, Greece

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For the summer getaway, Greece is one of the hottest spots for vacationists. Located at the Greek Isles, a 41-room Hotel called the Canaves Oia Santorini can showcase a relaxing feeling with the help of the fine sand and salt water washing your feet.


Effortlessly Elegant the whole place embodies a comforting feeling. The white linens make the rooms look neat. Aside from the homey ambiance, an overlooking view of the Aegean sea on the cliffside infinity pool can also calm your soul.




Traveling is fun, but it is more enjoyable when you get to stay at a hotel that can make you feel the city or country’s history and vibe. The comfort that the place you are staying while traveling is also important because it can help you relax after a tiring tour around the city. Are you going to be interested in checking in the hotels after this?

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