January 29, 2022


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5 Of The Best Lakes You Need To See In Sweden

Sweden is one of the most picturesque of all countries in Europe. With its scintillating beauty, the lush green valleys, the snow-clad hill slopes, and even the large lakes; you will always have too many things to do here.
If you are one of those who likes to click the perfect pictures just beside the lake and steal some of the most breathtaking views, here is a collection of 5 of the most beautiful lakes you should not miss out on when you are headed to Sweden. The lakes are so large that they cover nearly 9% of the total area in Sweden. So, you will definitely enjoy gazing at the endless beauty of the vast lakes with its clear water and serene ambiance.

1. Lake Vanern

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Lake Vanern”]
This massive lake stretches for as much as 5,665 square kilometers and this makes it the largest lake not only in Sweden but also the European Union. This lake was formed because of quaternary glaciations and this phenomenon took place almost 10,000 years ago.
The kind of view which you can get of the lake is so mesmerizing that tourists in large number gather close to marvel it. Along with this, there are endless activities to entertain tourists.  Not only this, it is also the largest freshwater archipelago in the whole of Europe.
When exploring the lake, you can also enjoy the sandy beaches, the little islands, and even shallow bays as well. For those who would like to keep themselves busy with the different activities, you can go for sailing, biking, canoeing and even fishing.

2. Lake Malaren

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Lake Malaren”]
It is the third largest lake in the country of Sweden and it spreads horizontally from the west to the east giving tourists an unparalleled view of the scenic beauty of the place. Those who want to head to private islands and spend some time in solitude with your partner, this lake is perfect for you.
With as many as 1,200 islands that dot the shoreline, you will have an amazing number of options to pick from. If you are up for some bird viewing, you can witness some of the most beautiful birds like the lesser black-backed gull, the herring gull, white-tailed eagle, sea hawk, the barnacle goose and so on.
If you have a liking for history, you should take a look at the Munso islands as it has a barrow of King Bjorn who was the ruler in the 9th century. Even the Drottingham palace which is one of the key sightseeing points of Sweden is located quite close-by.

3. Lake Storsjon

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Lake Storsjon”]
This lake stretches for an area of 464 square kilometers and the meaning of the word ‘Storsjon’ is ‘the great lake’.  There is a mythical story associated with it as Storsjoodjuret was actually the name of a monster and it is believed that the battle of Storsjon was fought right near this lake, back in 1178.
You can find various different varieties of fish near the lake as fishing is an optional activity here. You will also find four different conservation areas for the fishes in this lake. Ideally, this lake is apt for simply chilling and unwinding yourself while relishing the perfect beauty of this European country.

4. Lake Vattern

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Lake Vattern”]
The second largest lake of Sweden, this lake is famous for the placid water that it has. It is most crowded during the summer vacation. The lake stretches for an area covering 1,912 square kilometers. This doesn’t even include the drainage basin that can be found close to the lake.
Even this lake has a mythological story associated with it as there is a belief that a lake monster inhabits the lake. Further, there are a group of people who believe that the name of the lake is connected to an archaic term Vatter which actually infers lake spirits.
Tourists mainly come here to be bewitched by the crystal clear water of the lake. The castle of Lacko Slot is located nearby and you can head there if you want to take a historical tour. Swimming, fishing and simply lake watching are three of the common activities that tourists enjoy here.

5. Lake Hjalmaren

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Lake Hjalmaren”]
This is another popular lake. Stretching for as much as 483 square kilometers, it is counted as the fourth largest lake in the country. There are plenty of lime-rich clays and even Achaean rocks that can be found in this area.
The Orebro castle which is located in the town of Orebro is one of the key highlights of this lake. This castle has rounded towers and the rich legacy of the past makes it a must visit attraction point. Also, do not miss out on the Wadkoping open-air museum either. You can check out the umpteen music and dance festivals that are held here too.
So, with these many diverse options at your hand, you can sit back and relax at any of these lakes while you explore the rustic charm of Sweden. No doubt, this country will definitely rub its charm of you as you will be hooked by the tranquillity, serenity, and ease which each of these lakes has to offer.
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