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Aguas Termales El Presidente

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Marvelous hot springs surrounded by lush nature

Aguas termales El Presidente, Gracias, Lempira, Honduras
The entrance fee for foreigners is 50 Lempiras ($2).

The public hot springs ‘El Presidente’ are located at about one kilometer from the town Gracias (Lempira). It is a paradise for relaxation in the middle of lush green forest and idyllic nature and counts as one of the 40 wonders of Honduras. Throughout the year you can enjoy the warm water of the hot springs, which are visited by many national and international tourists. The place invites you to relax in the pools, chat with your friends or have a nice time with your family. The hot water also has medicinal qualities, such as the renovation of your skin and serves for orthopedic and kinesiologic therapies as well.


The hot water comes from natural hot springs, which were discovered by the former president Oswaldo López Arellano. Therefore the hot springs are commonly known as ‘El Presidente’. The pools are filled with crystal clear water, shimmering in hues of emerald green over deep blue to turquoise. The area counts five pools with different temperate water, which can rise up to 45° Celsius. However, the normal temperature of the pools is between 33° and 36° Celsius.


When entering the hot water, you will feel an immediate prickling of your skin. After some time it just gets relaxing and you enjoy your time while swimming in a huge bath tub. Some pools are ideal for children with shallow, nicely temperate water. Others are deeper and some are even long enough to take a nice swim. Outside the pools you can sit on stone benches, cool down and marvel over the nice green nature which is surrounding you. The area also offers a small restaurant for snacks and drinks – normally it is prohibited to enter your own food into the hot springs. Furthermore, you will find bathrooms, showers and changing rooms.

How to get there

The easiest way is to take a rickshaw ride to the hot springs.