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Photo credit: javier.losa / Foter / CC BY
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An island surrounded by crystal-clear water and adorned by a turquoise lagoon

Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Atatukis is also commonly known as Araura or Ararau. It is one of the Cook Islands located on the north of Rarotonga and it’s the second most visited in the country and holds a population of approximately 2,000 people.


It is suspected that its first inhabitants arrived to the island around the year 900 and it was discovered by Europeans by Captain Bligh and his crew in April 11th, 1789. It became the first of the Cook Islands to accept Christianity in 1821.


Aitutaki’s main attractions include its lagoon, gigantic Banyan trees and of course, it’s turquoise clear waters. Another note-worthy attraction is Tapuatei, a small islet in the lagoon.



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Daily flights and tours are offered by Air Rarotonga from Rarotonga