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Bako National Park, Sarawak, Borneo

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Experience the jungles of Borneo and look for elusive proboscis monkeys in Sarawak's Bako National Park

There are snacks and light meals on offer at park HQ throughout the day.
For a modest fee, the park headquarters offers guides to accompany you on your treks. This option may provide peace of mind if you are wary of encountering hostile animals during the hike. The guides speak good English and are thoroughly knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna. Also please remember mosquito repellant! The mozzies inside the park seem to be of the supersized jungle variety.
Approximately RM 40 per person for the boat ride and an additional small park entrance fee, payable at HQ.

Only 37 kilometers from bustling Kuching, Bako National Park is one of Sarawak’s premier destinations for jungle trekking and wildlife viewing. The park offers various landscapes, from thick mangrove flats, to quiet beaches, to dense rain forests. The most famous residents of Bako are the proboscis monkeys, gentle creatures with floppy, comical noses. Rangers can recommend which trails or areas are best for catching a glimpse of these shy animals. The park is also home to wild pigs and a host of small mammals and reptiles.


Bako is comprised of 16 trails of various lengths and difficulties. The park headquarters requires all guests to register upon arrival and sign in and out of each trail they take throughout the day. The headquarters itself provides a spacious and comfortable place to relax in between hikes, either to take a meal or read up on the various inhabitants of the park.


Once on the trail, hikers feel like true explorers, immersed in a ‘land before time.’ Huge thorny palm trees loom high above the ground and the canopy is so dense, the paths are often continuously shaded. Lush jungle growth surrounds the well-kept trails. For those who want a taste of wild Borneo, Bako certainly delivers.

Opening hours

8:00-16:15, daily

How to get there

Take a taxi or Petra Jaya bus line #6 to Kampung Bako. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes. From there, the jetty has a brisk business chartering small boats over to the park. Life jackets are provided. The boat ride lasts about 30 minutes and lets visitors out near park headquarters.