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The Big Rush

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  • 10+ km
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  • full day
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The tallest swing according to the Guinness Book of World Records

Shop 15, Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban
R501 to R1000 per person

The name of this activity itself gives the adrenaline rush that is needed for this insane experience. The Big Rush is typically a bungee swing at Durban’s Moses Mabhiba Stadium which involves taking a deep plunge into a huge void over the pitch, and then swinging up 220 meters under the eminent arch of the Moses Mabhiba Stadium. This stadium was initially built for the FIFA world cup games which were hosted in South Africa in the year 2010. Now, however, the stadium not only hosts the biggest bungee jump but also accommodates local soccer games, cricket matches, live concerts and a variety of major events.


When signing up, one is made to sign an indemnity agreement having clauses explaining that you can’t sue them for any injury caused and this would a risk you will be taking on your own. Further, safety precaution explanations are rendered and there after harnessed in safety equipments with which a quick demo is displayed. After a long walk to the stadium arch, the only thing remaining will be experiencing this adrenaline rush over 300 feet. Speculating the height at the moment will just make things worse, once you are at the arch just take the plunge without letting fear get the better of you.


Every jump is screened and recorded and available at the Base Cafe so you can relive the moment through video. However, the video won’t do justice to the extreme experience you would have just gone through.


The jump typically operates every day on the days there are no events or matches. No age bar is mentioned; however, it is pertinent to note comfortable gripping shoes must be worn. Spectators can walk up the renowned arch to stop and take in the stunning view overlooking the city of Durban and the Indian Ocean. There is a separate viewing area for family and friends to watch them jump from the platform, and can also record the same.


Bookings need to be made in advance and jumpers would ideally have to arrive around 20 minutes before scheduled jump time. Lockers are available on site to store personal items such as phones and wallets, which a jumper would not be allowed to carry during the jump. Having made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for the tallest swing, The Big Rush guarantees a thrilling experience and an item checked off your bucket list.


Opening hours

Daily from 9:00 - 17:00 if weather permits