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Castellum Rouge

Ben Dor A.
Castellum Rouge
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Castellum Rouge, the Good Samaritan Inn

Highway 1 East junction Route 458, Israel
A Hat, good walking shoes, water, camera and goodwill are essentials for a fruitful visit. Preferred visit time in Spring.

Castellum Rouge, the Good Samaritan Inn: Perched on one of the hills in the northeastern part of the Judean Desert are the ruins of a small fort guarding the main pilgrim route from Jericho to Jerusalem and back. The fort was built overlooking several ancient buildings traditionally recognized by Christians for centuries as the Good Samaritan Inn.


The Bible Parable mentioned in Luke 10:30-35, is a story of a Samaritan who helped out a fellow man. The story emphasizes the importance of compassion. The inn for pilgrims was established sometimes in the 6th C CE by the Byzantines.


A small fortress, Castellum Rouge, (Red Fortress) was erected by the Knights Templar in 1169-1172 during The Kingdom of Jerusalem to guard the road to and from the Jordan valley. During the Crusader period, thousands of pilgrims used this route annually to reach Jericho and the baptismal sites on the Jordan River or ascend to Jerusalem from the east.


The inn was used until 1187 when the Crusaders were defeated by Saladin. He turned the fort to an Ayyubid fort to protect Muslim pilgrims on their route to Al Nebi Musa.

Opening hours

09:00 - 17:00

How to get there

Guided tour only

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  • Castellum Rouge
    Ben Dor A.
  • Castellum Rouge
    Ben Dor A.
  • Castellum Rouge
    Ben Dor A.
Castellum Rouge Castellum Rouge Castellum Rouge