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Copán Ruinas

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Your starting point for the Mayan ruins Copán Ruinas and many more adventures

Copán Ruinas, Copán, Honduras
A traditional Honduran dish are Baleadas, you can try them at the restaurant La Buena Baleada in Calle Independencia, walking out of town towards the west. A bit further down the same street on the same side, comes a small kitchen managed by a local women. It is not a private living room, just get in there and taste some of the best homemade Honduran food.

The small and charming town Copán Ruinas is located in the north west of Honduras in the department of Copán. From the town you will have a picturesque panorama, surrounded by the green hills and mountains. The climate is mild and pleasant, making it a nice spot for being explored by food. Around town are various sites of natural beauty, which are waiting to be discovered and visited.


The old town impresses with its cobblestone streets and coloured houses. It is a relaxed and welcoming place and a good pick for your first stay in Honduras. You will be surprised about the hospitality and friendliness of the locals, which will make you feel safe and secure. The main square is the center of the town, where locals meet to chitchat and to hang around. From the square you can follow one of the many narrow streets and discover the town with its small cafés and restaurants to taste some local grown coffee, nice souvenir shops to buy some fine jade jewellery and museums to explore the Mayan culture.


How about finding the exhibition ‘Memorias Frágiles’ (Central Square) to have a look at one of the first photographs taken at the archeological site Copán Ruinas? To get an overview of the town and its surroundings, you should walk up to the ‘Fuerte Cabañas’ (also known as Mirador El Cuartel), a small fortification about 15 minutes from the city center. From here you will have an impressive panoramic view over the Copán valley and can inhale the quietness of the place. The fortification nowadays hosts the interactive Casa K’inich Children’s Museum (Tuesday – Sunday), which is also worth a visit.


The most famous sight is without doubt the archeological site Copán Ruinas. The site is within walking distance from town. The pleasant and short walk is highly recommended, as already during the walk you will stumble upon carved stones and stelaes from the Mayan civilisation. But the town Copán Ruinas has much more on offer than the archaeological site. The surrounding nature is impressive and activities range from ecotourism, hiking, visiting small coffee farms over birdwatching and exploring the beautiful flora to discovering present Mayan villages, relaxing in natural hot springs or horseback tours. The possibilities in Copán Ruinas are endless.

How to get there

Hedaman Alas has direct buses from Guatemala City and San Pedro Sula (Honduras). Otherwise there are frequent buses from La Entrada, a trasport hub in Honduras which has connections to almost every other city.