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Cristo de la Misericordia

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A colossal Jesus statue in San Juan del Sur

Pacific Marlin, San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua
Stay after 5 p.m. and enjoy the beautiful sunset from here
Foreigners pay $2 (50 Córdobas) and locals pay 20 Córdobas.

The Cristo de la Misericordia (Christ of the Mercy) is a Jesus statue in San Juan del Sur, measuring 24 meters in height. The statue itself is 15 meters high, resting on a nine meter high platform. The statue is situated 110 meters above sea level, overlooking the bay of San Juan del Sur. For its height, the statue can be seen from land, sea and air and is just a 30 minute walk from the city center. From this viewpoint, you will enjoy a stunning 360° panoramic view over San Juan del Sur and the surrounding beaches. You can clearly see the town and the bay of San Juan, the mountains and the neighbouring beaches like Playa Maderas. The site furthermore counts with a small chapel inside the platform of the statue.


The statue was built by the famous Costa Rican architect and sculptor Max Ulloa Rayo. The Jesus stands on the private property of the businessman Erwin Gonzáles Bendana. He is a strong believer and decided to build this enormous statue and to dedicate it to the Cristo de la Misericordia after a serious surgery. The statue is a steel construction covered with optic fiber. The sculptor Max Ulloa prepared all the pieces in his workshop in Costa Rica. Afterwards, two truck loads brought the twelve single pieces to Nicaragua. Another six month were needed to finish the construction work on site under the burning Nicaraguan sun and with the difficulties of the strong winds. In total, it took two and a half years from the initial workshop preparation to the finished installation how it is seen today.


The statue was inaugurated in October 2009 and is the seventh highest Jesus statue in the world. It is strongly connected to the Catholic church in San Juan del Sur. In fact, the right hand of the statue points towards the church building in the city center. At night, the statue is illuminated in red, symbolising the blood of the life of the souls, and in blue and white, symbolising the water that justifies the souls.


How to get there

Walk along the beach to the north. Climb the steps to the right after the last building. Behind the next big, white gate turn left and walk up the hill until you will reach the Jesus statue