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Egyptian Antiquities Museum

Photo credit: George M. Groutas / Photo / CC BY
Egyptian Antiquities Museum
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Home to the world's most extensive collection of pharaonic antiquities

Tahrir Square, Meret Basha, Qasr an Nile, Cairo Governorate 11516, Egypt
General Admission:
Egyptians: LE 4 (LE 2, students)
Foreign: LE 60 (LE 30, students)  

Royal Mummies Room:
Egyptians: LE 10 (LE 5, students)
Foreign: LE 100 (LE 50, students)  

Centennial Gallery:
Egyptians: LE 2 (LE 1, students)
Foreign: LE 10 (LE 5, students)

The Egyptian Antiquities Museum is also called as the Museum of Cairo or simply just the Egyptian Museum and it is located on the Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt. The Egyptian Museum of Cairo is home to the world’s most extensive collection of pharaonic antiquities, housing approximately 160,000 objets that cover thousands of years of Egyptian history. About 120,000 of the objects are on display while the rest remain in storerooms.


The museum was founded by the famous French Egyptologist and archeologist, Auguste Mariette, where his collection of objects was place in 1858. Originally, the museum stood in Boulaq but in 1892, it was moved to Ismail Pasha in Giza and later on, in 1902, it was moved to the current building in Tahrir Square. Today’s building has a Neoclassical style and was designed by Marcerl Dourgnon. The building has 107 halls, each filled lavishly with antiques and different artifacts.


No photography is allowed inside the museum and cameras must be left at the entrance. For security reasons, visitors must undergo an x-ray machine and heavy metal detectors to be allowed inside.


In 2011, during the revolution, two mummies were destroyed and many objects were damaged and stolen. Some of the objects were restored and the ones stolen were found which gave way to a new exhibition “Damaged and Restored”, where these objects are housed today.

Opening hours

9:00 - 19:00

During Ramadan: 9:00 - 17:00

How to get there

By metro: Sadat Station, follow signs to Egyptian Museum exit and walk straight along the street.