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El Remate

Photo credit: jbhangoo / Foter / CC BY-ND
El Remate
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Your jump off point to Tikal

If you're travelling on a budget do not not book your hotel in advance. Due to El Remate being a rural area, there is limited internet connection and for this reason, most hotels/hostels don't have a website. The few that do are usually very expensive because travellers will think it's the only option available but the whole village is filled with hotels and you can easily find a private room with private bathroom for $13 USD or less on the spot.

El Remate is a tiny village east of Lake Petén Itzá close to the city of Flores and most importantly, to the archaeological site of Tikal. It is the perfect place to spend the night before you go off to Tikal for the reason that it’s closer to the site (a great plus for those wishing to get there as soon as the site opens at 6AM), cheaper and more relaxed.


Activities in El Remate abound for those who arrive early the day before their visit to Tikal.


Lago Petén Itzá is the huge lake located west to El Remate, it is perfect for a good swim, kayaking or a boat ride. The shores along the lake are not sandy but instead rocky and muddy so it is best to head to a dock – a popular and perhaps the best one in the area is located in Biotopo Cerro Cahui Reserve). If you’re into watching sunsets, this is perhaps the best place to do it. El Remate is the witness of beautiful and almost surreal-looking pink sunsets.


Hiking in the jungle is a great activity for those who have a bit more time to spare. Head to Biotopo Cerro Cahui Reserve located just about 2 kilometers from El Remate. The reserve is a great place for wildlife spotting (spider monkeys, howler monkeys, white-tailed deers, exotic birds and more) as well as for great lookout spots of the rest of the jungle and Lake Petén Itzá. It is also a great place for camping and the right to do it is included in the entrance fee of the reserve, which is 40 Quetzales per person.


Horseback riding is another popular activity, you can do so along the shore of lakes Petén Itzá and Salpeten and to a smaller archaeological site called Ixlu.


All of these activities can usually be booked through your hotel/hostel or you can simply ask the manager for recommendations and they will know someone who will help you (the village is extremely small and everybody knows each other).

Keep in mind that most hotels/hostels here do not have internet connection. However, there are some small internet cafés in the area and an hour online will cost you approximately 12 Quetzales.

How to get there

From Belize City, take a bus to Flores and ask to be left at the junction (they will understand what you mean). At the junction, there will be a colectivo to take you to El Remate for 10 Quetzales