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Etno-park in Trsic Village

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Ethnographic park with a memorial house, objects of folk architecture

Etno Park Tršić, Serbia
Some of restaurants with local and international cuisine

Etno-park in Trsic Village is a village located 9 km southeast of Loznica. In the village there is an ethnographic park with a memorial house, objects of folk architecture and facilities for visitors. When creating ethno-parks, special attention was paid to the desire to permanently mark and preserve the memory of Serbian linguist Vuk Karadzic who was born here and his work, as well as to preserve the natural environment and spatial values. Recently revived rural tourism by converting family homes in attractive facilities designed to accommodate guests, so it is now possible to visit this picturesque place and stay in it a few days and enjoy the delights of local cuisine as well as the natural rural environment.

Opening hours

Every day 00-24

How to get there

By Ibar Highway Belgrade-Valjevo-Loznica-Trsic