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Fuentes Georginas

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Relax in the beautiful hot springs surrounded by lush green nature and white fog

Fuentes Georginas, Zunil, Guatemala
Fuentes Georginas have a small restaurant on site.
The entrance fee to the hot springs is about 50 Quetzales ($7).

The beautiful natural hot springs Fuentes Georginas are close to the city Quetzaltenango in the western highlands. When visiting the hot springs, you will find yourself surrounded by tropical vegetation and protected between the mountains. Big wafts of mist will block your view, which contributes to the mystic air of this place. If you want to relax in a huge natural bath tub in the middle of the mountains and forget the world around you, this is definitely the right place to do so.


The road up to the hot springs can be a tedious and long. Cold, sharp wind will blow into your face and the higher you drive, the more chilly it gets. But the journey is well worth it and afterwards you can warm up in the hot pools. The pools are fed by hot sulfur springs, coming directly from the mountains. You will find four differently tempered pools in the main area. The fourth pool is further outside the main area, close to the entrance. If you want to be on your own, you should not hesitate to visit this pool.


At the main area, the pool closest to the mountain is the hottest one. The other two pools get gradually colder, as they are connected to each other through little waterfalls which cool down the water. Start with the middle tempered pool and afterwards go into the hottest one. You will feel a prickling on your skin which will let you relax after a while. Also try out the cold showers situated next to the pools before jumping into the hot water again. It will get your blood well circulated. The sulfur in the water will also clean your skin and will make it gentle and soft. Even days after you can still feel the softness of your skin.


In 2010 the spa had been destroyed by the hurricane Agatha. Thankfully, all the installations have been rebuilt quickly. Apart from the four pools, the thermal spa offers changing rooms with showers and bathrooms, lockers and towel rental. If you are getting hungry, the spa also includes a small Restaurant where you can get hamburgers, some typical Guatemalan dishes and french fries. You can even stay overnight at the place, as you can rent one of the cabins, which are situated close to the entrance.

How to get there

From Quetzaltenango you can catch a bus to the village Zunil. From there you need to find a pick-up, which drives you all the way up to the hot springs. That should not cost more than 50 Quetzales and is easier if you are in a group.

In Quetzaltenango you will also find organised tours to the hot springs, which will leave daily.