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Giacometti’s Hall, Zurich

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Beautiful stop on the way

Giacometti-Halle, Bahnhofquai 3, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Known as one of the Zurich’s finest architectural buildings, the Giacometti-Hall is a masterpiece creation by the legendary Gustav Gull, who was the city’s master architect in the 19th century. In it’s formerly life, this hall was an orphanage that Gull was commissioned to convert into a police station. Because the lighting in the entrance of the wall was poor, Gustav resorted to art and colour to transform the look of the building. The architectural transformation is stunning in its own right however it is the artistic work done on it to solve the lighting issue that makes this a showstopper. Gustav brought in the artist Augusto Giacometti whose role was to touch up the walls and ceiling. Under the paint brush of Giacometti resulted the spectacular work of art that is now known as “The hall of tiny flowers”. The arched ceilings designed by Gustav took on a new life with boldly robust colours from the rainbow spectrum. As you move from spot to spot, viewing the ceilings from all vantages, you can see intricate designs and symbols that are actually highlighted by the limited lighting which Gustav had originally been concerned about. Today this surely makes the Zurich police headquarters, the most beautiful entrance to a police station in the world. With a government issued ID you can do a 10 minute visit to view the artwork. You are not allowed to take pictures, so sadly this is only a feast for the eyes that you cannot capture for posterity.

Opening hours

Daily from 09.00-11.00 and from 14.00-16.00.

How to get there

Easily reached by local bus