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Half Moon Caye

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A beautiful and romantic deserted island

Half Moon Caye, Belize ‎
It is advised to bring your own lunch unless the tour includes meals.

Imagine yourself walking amid the jungle and spotting the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean in-between the palm trees. Half Moon Caye is natural monument of Belize and it is the perfect place for nature lovers, bird-watchers and honeymooners. There are barely any buildings and no roads here and the only trace of human life here are a small picnic area, a walking trail to the bird observation tower, a lighthouse, a few signs and a dock. The picnic area can get somewhat crowded, but once you’re out of there – you will very likely find yourself feeling like you’re in a completely deserted island.


Aside from its obvious beauty and the chance to be in complete solitude, another reason why people head here are the snorkeling and diving options offered. Half Moon Caye is surrounded by one of the world’s most impressive coral reefs, other marine species such as turtles and fish as well as several shipwrecks – surely an experience you will never forget.


Red-footed Boobies live here for a great part of the year, they gather atop the trees and they nest in December and babies are born during March – these are the best months to visit if you intend to bird-watch because by August, they leave to the open sea. Aside from the Boobies, the island also homes the Belize Atoll Gecko (unique to this island and seen nowhere else in the world), many species of iguanas and lizards such as the Green Iguana and the Brown Anole, crabs and other migrant species of birds.


 There are barely any accommodation options here due to the lack of human inhabitance (only 12 people reside here to maintain it!). However, camping is allowed (but make sure you arrange for someone to pick you up and bring enough food with you) as well as a live-aboard yacht.


How to get there

The island can be reached from Belize City, San Pedro Island, or Caye Caulker via a tour. Tours are offered widely from each of these place and it is usually included on day trips to the Great Blue Hole. There is an entrance fee of $80 Belize Dollars, which is usually included on tour prices (make sure to ask beforehand)

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