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Photo credit: MARIA ROSA FERRE / Foter / CC BY-SA
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Majorca's leather and shoe city

Inca, Islas Baleares, Spain
Inca is famous for its many restaurants in old wine cellars, serving traditional Majorcan food.
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The industrial city Inca in the heart of Majorca lies halfway between Palma and Alcudia on the foot of the Tramuntana mountains. The city is known for its leather and shoe handcraft and hence is also called ‘City of Leather’. The shoemaker’s guilds are of the oldest ones on the island and date back to the conquest of Majorca in the 13th century.


The city center has some nice architecture and shopping facilities. Inca’s downtown has been turned into a pedestrian area, making it possible to walk on a pleasant and shady paved road from the train station to the Plaça de Mallorca. The square Plaça Santa Maria la Major is full of small bars and restaurants, being a nice stop for a coffee while observing the locals doing their shopping. Best is to come on a Thursday, the market day. It is one of the biggest markets on Majorca and all the surrounding villages come down to Inca and do their shopping. The market sets the city in a busy atmosphere and the otherwise rather calm city becomes active and lively.


The biggest event in Inca is the ‘Dijous Bo’ (Good Thursday), traditionally held on the third Thursday in November. Originally it was the biggest agricultural fair on the island, nowadays it a huge street fair attracting around 200.000 visitors every year. During the whole day you can enjoy a mix between agricultural market, fun fair, trade show and romping place for everyone who thinks to be the cat’s whiskers.


A visit to the fais is worthwhile, as you will get an overview of the culinary aspects Majorca has to offer. The center of attention are local products, like the blood sausage Butifarrò, the paprika cured sausage Sobrassada, wine from the regions Binissalem, Consell and Porreres, fruits and vegetables from Sa Poblas farmers, olive oil from Caimari, leather products from Inca itself and pottery from Pòrtol as well as mouth-blown glass from Campanet and Algaida. The day fair is completed with concerts, music shows, fireworks and all-night party.


Inca is also a perfect starting point to explore the neighbouring rural villages. Lloseta has nice restaurants inside traditional cellars. Caimari is the village of olive oil and features a charming old village center. Selva is a hill town with old, rustic stone architecture on your way to the Tramuntana mountains.

How to get there

Take the highway MA-13 from Palma to Inca. If you do not have a car, take the train from Palma and get off at Inca.