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Laguna de Apoyo

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Beautiful lake formed in the crated of a volcano, just 15 minutes outside of Granada, Nicaragua.

This beautiful lake, located between Granada and Masaya, in Nicaragua, is an ideal day trip for those looking to spend the day soaking up the sun, and swimming in clear blue waters. This lake was originally formed when Volcan Apoyo erupted and collapsed in upon itself. The crater collected rainwater for over 20,000 years resulting in an unbelievably deep, thermally vented, lake that is ideal for swimming. Along the shores of Laguna de Apoyo you will find many restaurants serving up good, inexpensive, local foods, as well as ice cold beers. There are also a number of small hostels in the area which rent kayaks, fishing equipment, and rafts. The lake is also an ideal place to check out the varied ecosystem Nicaragua has to offer. Typically iguanas, boa constrictors, anteaters, and two species of monkeys can be found near the lake making this an ideal spot for hiking. Bird watching for one of the 230 of species that call the lake home is also quite popular. If you find yourself in Granada, looking to escape the heat of the city, Laguna de Apoyo is the perfect location.

Opening hours

Sunrise to Sunset

How to get there

15 minutes due West of Granada on NIC-4