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Luna Jaguar Spa Resort

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Mystical hot springs dedicated to your corporal and spiritual well-being

Luna Jaguar Spa Resort, Copán, Honduras
The entrance fee to the spa is $10.

The magnificent natural spa and hot springs Luna Jaguar are located close to Copán Ruinas. When visiting the hot springs, you will find yourself in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by green vegetation, under a thick roof of treetops. Big wafts of mist evaporate from the hot water into the cool air, which will contribute to the mystical atmosphere of the place. It is the perfect spot to take a relaxing bath in hot natural pools and forget the world around you, as the whole spa is dedicated to physical, corporal, spiritual and mental well-being.


The road to the hot springs is tedious and long on a bumpy and badly maintained dirt road. However, in the end it pays off and the trip is well worth it. After crossing the suspension bridge which leads to the spa area, you will pass through a cave-like entrance in Mayan style – representing the underworld. Here you leave all your bad vibes and stress behind you. As soon as you enter the spa – representing the celestial area – a guide will show you the whole spa and explain the different pools to you.


The place is inspired in the ancient ceremonial Mayan ritual of the city governors and provides everything that makes you feel like a real king or queen. There are several natural Jacuzzi with hot water to choose from. You can purify your skin with a gentle mud massage in one of the pools. The mud is waiting for you in a stone bowl and you just need to apply it to your skin. For your body circulation, you can walk around circular pathway with alternating hot and cold water pools. Here your feet will also get a nice massage, as the ground of the pools is made up of many small, round cobblestones.


You can relax your whole body under the hydro-massage waterfall. The hot water rushes down from one of the upper pools into one of the lower ones, creating this strong water cascade. Standing right beneath it will relax your muscles in the back and your neck. The possibilities of pools are endless in this nice spa. All of them are made up of natural stones and the hot water comes directly from underground hot springs. Furthermore, you will find cool water pools with water coming directly from the mountains. In fact, you should only bath in the indicated areas, as at some other pools the water is just too hot, reaching 80° Celsius and more, which will burn your skin.


The spa also offers massages and corporal therapies. Furthermore, you will find two swimming-pools, showers, bathrooms and changing rooms. The area also includes a small shop with snacks and cold drinks.

How to get there

You can book a round trip, which includes the transportation. A good address to book a tour is the Via Via Hotel in Copán Ruinas. Alternatively, you can look for a collective mini van on your own. However, these are less frequent and late in the evening there are no buses back. The drive will take about one hour.