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La Mariscal

  • (worth a trip)
  • 1-2 km
  • Easy
  • Free
  • 3 hours
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Quito's best and safest party square

Mariscal, Quito, Ecuador

La Mariscal is a central commercial square in North Quito, surrounded by large restaurants, shops, cafe’s, international bars, and party hostels on nearby streets. It is the center for many parties from Wednesday through Saturday nights. You’ll find many international tourists of all ages and nationalities frequenting the many attractions in this neighborhood.

There are also some local restaurants along the side streets surrounding La Mariscal square where you can get a $3 menu del dia, or find a nice smaller cafe such as Le Petite Mariscal, a couple blocks away.

If you are interested in a tour or excursion for Cotopaxi, an active volcano, Otavalo, an indigenous market town, or any of the many other main attractions near Quito, walk into one of the many tourist shops in La Mariscal to find a well-priced tour.

The square is protected by police guards 24 hours, but the side streets can be dangerous at night and in the early morning, especially on Sunday’s when there is less police. Walk with a companion and do not take much out with you when you go out. The area is safe compared to other neighborhoods in Quito but robberies do happen every day, especially to tourists who carry bags with them. There are many bars and clubs in this neighborhood, giving a wide variety for nighttime entertainment, but drinking on the streets is prohibited.