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Mirador de Catarina

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A stunning view over the Laguna de Apoyo towards the Nicaragua Lake

Catarina, Nicaragua

The Mirador de Catarina is a viewpoint in the small, artisan village of Catarina. The viewpoint is situated on one of the highest mountains surrounding the lake Laguna de Apoyo, offering an astonishing panoramic view over the area. You are overlooking the crater lake Laguna de Apoyo, a natural reserve and sacred lake lake for the indigenous Nicaraguans. Behind the lagoon, the view even reaches towards Granada and the Nicaragua Lake (Lago Cocibola) and its islets. In the south, you can see the impressive Mombacho volcano and if the skies are clear, you may even see the twin volcanoes on Ometepe Island.


As the Mirador de Catarina is situated at a higher altitude, the climate is mild and refreshing. This allows the land to be very green and fertile. The vegetation is lush and wild with many plants and flowers blossoming around the viewpoint and the lake. The Mirador is not visited by many western tourists yet, and thus remains a quiet and peaceful place. You can sit on one of the many benches and just marvel over the view or take a small walk until reaching the northernmost part of the viewpoint. This area is even less frequented by tourists, but also offers a nice scenic view. If you want to go all the way down to the lagoon, saddle on the back of a horse and enjoy a two hours horse riding tour.


On weekends, Nicaraguan families and friends flock to the place to enjoy the nice view and to eat at the restaurants. As a result, the place is well developed for tourism. Different restaurants offer food and small snacks, Marimba musicians play their songs and souvenir stalls and street vendors sell crafts from local artisans. The department of Masaya is famous for its handicrafts, especially Catarina and the surrounding villages are known for its pottery and wind chimes. Therefore you will find many vendors offering ceramics, vases, pots and wind chimes, all made of clay. The entrance fee to the Mirador de Catarina is 20 Córdobas ($ 1). If you want to avoid the local crowds, it is recommended to visit during a weekday.


How to get there

Take a bus from Granada to Catarina. In the village are signs leading to the viewpoint