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Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Photo credit: Wha'ppen / Foter / CC BY-SA
Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
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Cloud forests, coffee plantation, spectacular wildlife and more!

Carretera a Reserva de Monteverde, Monte Verde, Costa Rica

Monteverde Forest is located along the Crodillera de Tilaran in both Alajuela and Puntarenas provinces. It well known for its cloud forests, hanging walkways, coffee plantations, spectacular orchids and other flora.


The main reserve, Monteverde Biological Reserve, was established in 1989 by Quakers who emigrated from USA and settled in the town of Monteverde.


This region sits at an altitude of 4,662ft (1,440m) above sea level, which provides Monteverde with a steady supply of moisture-laden clouds and sustains its complex ecosystem.


Guided tours in the reserves are popular and provide opportunities to observe wildlife including agoutis and coatimundis as well as birds such as the elusive Resplendent Quetzal in their natural habitats.

Opening hours

7:00am - 16:00

How to get there

Drive: From San Jose, take the Pan-American Highway going north. Continue north through Miramar and watch for a restaurant called the “Caballo Blanco” with a large white horse on its sign along the right side of the road. From there, turn right at the road sign for Monteverde and Selvatura Park. Follow the signs towards a turnoff along the right side that is just beyond a gas station. The first few miles of the road are paved and the rest is unpaved and bumpy. Follow the winding road as it gains elevation. There are more signs along the road. Once you pass a cemetery, you will reach Santa Elena town in about 30 minutes. Total travel time is about 3.5 - 4 hours. The Monteverde Biological Reserve is about 6km (approx. 3.5 miles) Southeast from Santa Elena. it is easy to take a taxi, or the bus from near the Banco Nacional in town.