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Munich Residenz

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Munich Residenz, the largest city palace of Munich

Get a combined tickets to save money!
Residence Museum - adult: 7€, reduced admission: 6€.
Treasury - adult: 7€, reduced admission: 6€.
Combination tickets Residence Museum and Treasury - adult: 13€, reduced admission: 9€.
Cuvilliés Theatre - adult: 3.50€, reduced admission: 2.50€.
Combination tickets Residence Museum, Treasury and Cuvilliés Theatre - adult: 13€, reduced admission: 10.50€.
Bronze halls and Court Garden: Free.
No Admission fee for children under 18 years old and students.

The Munich Residenz is Germany’s largest city palace and one of the largest in Europe.


Inside the Munich Residenz are the Residence Museum, the Treasury, Cuvilliés Theatre, the Bronze halls and the Court Garden.

Opening hours

The different buildings of the Munich Residenz are open every day, except during public holidays.
In the summer: open from 9:00 - 18:00, in the winter: open from 10:00 - 16:00.
Last admissions are generally 30-45 minutes before closing time.