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National Art Gallery
National Art Gallery
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A gallery with a rich and impressive art collection

The National Art Gallery shares a building in the center of Sofia with the National Ethnographic Museum. It was created in 1948 and it moved to this building in 1952 and it was then that it received many exhibits from the Sofia City Art Gallery.


The gallery stores more than 50 000 art works and more than 3000 can be seen by visitors.


The National Art Gallery has a few constant exhibitions. On the second floor, about 150 pictures from the Bulgarian Renaissance to the 1960s can be found – an impressive collection which presents the development of Bulgarian art and some of the works by the best Bulgarian painters.


The constant exposition of sculptures on the third floor of the gallery is also intriguing, you can see the various forms through which the sculptors present their point of view to the world.


The National Art Gallery does not only have the function of an art museum, but it also hosts various events with cultural significance.


The beautiful building which houses the museum is the former royal palace. It was built immediately after the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman slavery in 1878 and the pronouncing of Sofia as a capital in 1879. The palace was officially opened in 1882.


In 1944 the building became the seat of the Ministry of Councils and still had political significance. It has been housing the National Art Gallery and the National Ethnographic Museum since 1953. Nowadays, it a beautiful part of the center of Sofia where a lot of buildings with historical importance can be seen.

Opening hours

10:00 - 18:00

How to get there

You need to get off at 'Serdika' station of the subway and walk about 5 minutes