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National History Museum Víctor Salvador de León Toledo

Photo credit: ~*Bomba Rosa*~ / Source / CC BY-ND
National History Museum Víctor Salvador de León Toledo
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A small but interesting collection about Guatemala's and Quetzaltenango's history

7 calle entre 11 y 12 avenida, 7a Calle, Quezaltenango, Guatemala
The entrance fee for foreigners is 6 Quetzales

The National History Museum Víctor Salvador de León Toledo is situated in the ‘Casa de la Cultura’ (House of Culture) in Quetzaltenango. It is named after the former president of the Casa de la Cultura, Víctor Salvador de León Toledo. The Casa de la Cultura started to collect antiques in 1950, but it was not until 1960 that the museum opened its doors officially. Nowadays, the museum has become a much visited place by school classes from Quetzaltenango, but it is also an interesting museum for tourists.


The Natural History Museum exhibits more than five thousand pieces related to Guatemala and its history. The exhibits range from coin collections over botanical and zoological collections to archeological pieces. The museum spreads over two floors. In the first floor you will find information about traditional plants and flowers found in Guatemala. Here you will also find specimens of traditional Guatemalan animals, ranging from mammals over birds to insects.


The second floor is dedicated to human history and culture of Guatemala. You will find information about important, deceased residents of Quetzaltenango, which contributed to science, literature, politics or history of Guatemala. This part of the museum also includes a collection of antiques, ranging from archeological Mayan artefacts to ancient documents and antiques from the XVIII and XIX century.

Opening hours

8:00 - 18:00

How to get there

The museum is located right at the Central Square. You can get there by any mini van bus shouting 'Parque Centro América'.