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Nazca Lines

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A mysterious set of drawings in the depth of the Nazca desert

Do not eat before flying as the flight involves a lot of movement and it is nearly impossible not to get nauseous!

The Nazca Lines are a set of geoglyphs in the desert of Nazca in Peru declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1994. The figures range from simple lines and triangles to more complex figures such as a hummingbird, a spider, an astronaut, a dog and more. The lines are drawn into the sand and have remained preserved due to dry climate and the lack of wind in the region.


It is unclear why the Nazca people created them, but a popular theory is that they did it for their gods to see. Another one states that that they were meant to be some type of observatory for the Nazca and this theory has been strengthened by Reiche, a German archaeologist.


For years, the figures drawn in the sand were a mystery to archaeologists – How could the Nazca, a culture that lived in the desert, know about creatures not native to it such as the monkeys? Such question was answered when items were excavated from and near Cahuachi Pyramids, a pilgrimage site where cultures from the rest of Peru such as the Amazonas and the Andes came to worship their gods and most likely told the Nazca about the creatures they saw back at home.


The accuracy of the drawings, however, still remains a mystery. The lines and figures are massive, the largest one measuring nearly 270 meters (890 feet). How they were able to create such things with that amount of precision is not yet clear.


Flight above the lines can be quite expensive, ranging from 200 soles to 500 soles depending on the size of the plane. The 200 soles one can leave you feeling unsatisfied as you might end up sitting in the middle unable to see much. The 500 soles one is recommended to get the best out of your buck and really be able to experience and understand the magnificence of this mystery in history.


How to get there

Arriving in Nazca city, you will be offered a myriad of tours as soon as you get off the bus.

For cheaper options, take a cab directly to the airport where many companies fly.