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Nevis Bungee Jump

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One the the highest jumps of this kind in the world

The attraction operator will take you there from Queenstown. Inside the 'Station Building', Corner of Shotover & Camp Streets, Queenstown, Otago

Are you a thrill seeker? Does adrenaline turn you on? Then, while in New Zealand, look no further. The Nevis Bungy Jump will definitely fulfill your desires!


New Zealand is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to adventure, particularly around Queenstown in the South Island.


Among the many possibilities to give you an adrenaline rush, there is one that outstands when it comes to taking things to the extreme. That is the Nevis Bungy Jump. Why? Because it is the highest in the country and the most terrifying. Actually, one of the highest in the world with an 134 m (440 ft) altitude.


Needless to say, it this is not for every one. There are other milder jumps and swings in the area (you can actually get a combo), but this one will probably keep you feeling a bit uneasy from the moment you book it. Make sure you do not book too long in advance if you want your mind to be set on the day of the jump.


The attraction is very well run by the actual inventors of bungy jumping (AJ Hackett). They will drive you there and give you a T-shirt to remember the moment.


The drive to the Nevis gorge is spectacular and the nervous chat on the way among the participants too.

 Once there, you will be taken up using an open-air cable car to a hanging little cabin suspended in the air by thick wires between two mountains. As you step inside the cabin, you can sit down and wait for your turn (based on weight, heavier first) to get ready. To make things more interesting, the floor of the cabin is made of glass… scary, huh?

Now your turn has come. You will receive the safety instructions by the team but your head is just overwhelmed by the screams of the previous jumpers and the excited talk of the upcoming ones. It is time to ask yourself “What the heck am I doing here? What was the need? What am I trying to prove and to whom?” It’s too late. You are now standing on a little metal square right outside the cabin and there is no way back.


3, 2, 1… BUNGY!!!!!!!!! Holy shhhhh!!! Eeeeehh!!! Aaaahhhhh!!!! 8.5 seconds of freefall!!!! But, believe me, it is time enough to think about your life and your family. A tip: look forward before jumping, not down.

 Make sure you want to do it because it is not cheap and they will count to three once on the platform. If you do not jump, the next jumper will take your place.

It is an experience you will NEVER forget.

How to get there

Fly or drive to Queenstown from many locations in New Zealand. The operator is in downtown Queenstown inside the 'Station Building', Corner of Shotover & Camp Streets.