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Playa Matilda

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A pleasant walk to one of San Juans rather unknown beaches

Camping Matilda, San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua
There is a nice and small food shack, which offers good and rather cheap food.

Playa Matilda is named after the hostel and campsite, which is located at this beach. It is the connecting beach to Playa Maderas and lies right next to the village and the beach Playa Majagual. It is a further beach of San Juan’s north, at the Pacific coast. It is a calm and quiet place surrounded by green nature and enclosed by huge, rough rocks. The sand is more rough-textured that at the other beaches, made up of small pieces of stones and seashells. It is the perfect place to relax from the busy beach Playa Maderas.

The sea is of an incredible blue, and the beach decreases gently into the water. Not many people will be around, so it is a nice place for a sunbath and to chill out, without being disturbed. You will find a small restaurant or food shack here, offering cold drinks, refreshing beer and a menu of the day. Otherwise, there is nothing much to do at Playa Matilda. Most people come here to stay at the hostel, as it is close to the surf break at Playa Maderas. Despite of that, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the scenery and escape Playa Maderas in search of tranquility.

From Playa Matilda, the beaches Playa Maderas and Playa Majagual are easy to reach. So, normally people just cross it on their way from Maderas to Majagual or vice versa. However, Playa Matilda also has its charm and the small restaurant offers delicious home-cooked, typical Nicaraguan food.

How to get there

The easiest and fastes way, is to hop on a shuttle from San Juan del Sur to Maderas. From there it is a 10 minute walk to the north (or to the right side).