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A lesser-known town full of delightful sights

Raphoe is a town in Donegal, Ireland with many amazing sights such as the main cathedral, which dates back to the 1730th century in the place where older cathedrals existed before.


The main attraction in the town is the Raphoe Castle, which can only be seen from outside (unless you are willing to brake the rules!). The castle is privately owned by the farmers but is still a spectacular view. It is hard to miss when you are in the center as it is located on top of a small hill. The castle dates back to the 1630’s and now only its ruins remain. It was attacked several times during its lifetime and always reconstructed until an accidental fire occurred and its walls were left to crumble.


Another interesting site is the Beltany Stone Circle, a stone circle said to be older than Stonehenge. It is made up of 64 stones and has a diameters of 44.2 meters.