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Royal Palace of Milano

Photo credit: MarkusMark
Royal Palace of Milano
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One of the most important cultural centers of Italy

Piazza del Duomo, 12, Milano

Palazzo Reale di Milano is one of the most important cultural centers in Italy. Today, it houses exhibitions but for many centuries, it acted as the seat of government of Milan. It is located opposite of the famous Duomo di Milano.


The palace dates back to the medieval ages, when it was called Palazzo de Broletto Vecchio and was the seat of government since those times. The palace was destroyed and reconstructed on many occasions and has undergone many restorations to look the way it does today, yet it still is undergoing the final restorations to return it to its former glory.


Today, the palace plays an important role in the cultural essence of Milan as the palace now acts as a museum. Visitors can walk through its halls and admire the wonderful architecture while learning about its history. The museum tells the stories of the palaces and is divided into four time periods: the Teresiana and Neoclassical eras, the Napoleonic era, the Restoration and the Unification of Italy.


As mentioned before, the palace is also a cultural center that works together with many exhibition venues in the heart of Milan and playing an important part in showcasing art pieces.