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Photo credit: Leon Petrosyan
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An impressive site, known for its gigantic stone walls, unique in its kind and unmatchable in the Americas

Saksaywaman is a citadel known for its gigantic stone walls located on a hill overlooking the city in the outskirts of the city of Cusco that dates back to the year 900 AD and is associated and first believed to have been inhabited by the Killike culture but later expanded by the Incas on the 13th century. The stones used to construct the walls are among the largest found in any prehispanic site in the Americas and its precision of fitting has not yet been matched in the continent. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Today, it is used to celebrate Inti Raymi, an Inca festival to celebrate the winter solstice held on June 24th every year.


It is believed that the area was used as a fortress due to its walls and location. It is also thought to have been used as a ceremonial center. However, these are just theories and the exact original purpose of Saksaywaman remains unknown.

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