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Spalentor, Basel

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Quick stop for some beautiful ancient structures

Spalenvorstadt, 4056 Basel, Switzerland

The Spalentor is one of the most striking and spectacular ancient structures that are still standing in modern day. One of the three surviving entry gates to the old walled city of Basel, this feat of ancient engineering has stood through wars, political and geographic upheavals. In times gone by, this gate was most popular for traders as provisions and many trade materials entered the city by as they arrived from Alsace. Back then, the old walled city’s square principal tower would have already been seen before arriving in the city’s gates but only the gate itself remains today. Upon the facade facing from the town can also be seen decorated on it, three figures dating back to the 15th century. The figures are said to be the two prophets and the Madonna. Spalentor is a quick stop and a free one for a little time spent exploring the history of Basel.

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Walking from the city centre