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Study Spanish Quetzaltenango

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Home stay with a local Guatemalan family and study Spanish

6ta Calle 14-55, Zona 1, Quezaltenango, Guatemala

You can find Spanish School in downtown and outside there, zone 3 which is far from the touristic area and you will be able to experience the local life.

  • Spanish School La Democracia: which is located on 9 street 15-05, Zone 3, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala or send a message to
  • Celas Maya: which is located on 6ta Calle 14-55, Zona 1, Quezaltenango, Guatemala or contact them at .
  • ICA: Located on 19 av. 1-47 zona 1 Quetzaltenango, Guatemala or get in touch via
  • Pop Wuj: Located on first street, 17-72, Zona 1, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala or send them a message at

The programs of the schools offers:

One on one Spanish classes: where the experience is unique because you will have the opportunity to learn the language in a formal, dynamic and fun way because the school provides you all materials your need but the teacher provides you the knowledge of the history of the country, culture, traditions, actual politic situation in a way that you will understand more the country.

Home stay with a local Guatemalan family: This is the best way of immersion because staying with locals you can learn about the daily life, the food and way of thinking.

Daily activities and excursions: As you can meet locals, you can meet another foreigners that have the same interests as you.

Now that you have decided to study Spanish in Guatemala, we recommend you to take some Spanish lessons before your trip, it is important because the immersion on the language is going to be intensive, so itis better if you have some ideas about the language, some useful phrases etc.