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Photo credit: KOKONIS / Foter / CC BY
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Lovely little harbor town in West Iceland

If your trip itinerary includes going around Iceland, taking a turn and taking a tour around Snæfellsnes is a great option if you seek for a diversity of experiences and you would like to discover some true gems of Western Iceland. If you do visit Snæfellsnes, then this tour most surely is incomplete without stopping by and spending some time in Stykkishólmur – a little charming harbor town by the very coast of the Northern part of the peninsula, a place that gives a warm welcome to each of its visitors. As mentioned, Stykkishólmur is rather small in size and hence it is perfect for a day trip.


Although Stykkishólmur is not nearly as bustling as Reykjavik, it still has its own charm and one can certainly enjoy both the gorgeous views and sunsets (definitely get up the lighthouse to do this), Scandinavian architecture and special nature tours organized in the nearby area. There are frequent ferries going from Stykkishólmur to Flatey island which is a favored destination by bird-watchers due to its vast puffin colonies.


While visiting Stykkishólmur, spare some time and pay a visit to some of the local museums such as Library of Water (Vatnasafn) and Eldfjallasafn Volcano Museum. There are numerous nice cafes and restaurants scattered around the downtown area, so you can be sure there will be a chance for you to try some Icelandic specialties.


How to get there

There are several ways how to reach Stykkishólmur depending on from where and how you would like to get there.

Ferries: There are daily ferries operating to Stykkishólmur from Westfjords and from Flatey Island.

Bus: There are buses that connect Isafjordur and Stykkishólmur but they run only three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) on summer season.
There are also daily bus connections from Reykjavik but if you chose this option, please plan ahead since these buses are not too frequent.

Other: Hiring car or hitch-hiking there is the best of all the options. On the main highway (No1), either take turn at Borgarnes (and check out everything that's on the way of Southern part of pensinsula) or make the turn connecting the mainland with the northern part of peninsula (there will be sign leading to Olafsvik and Stykkisholmur).