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Sundarbans, West Bengal India
The only way to really sightsee the mangroves is through boats as Sundarbans is only water and islands and the majority of islands are uninhabited. Entry in the mangroves is restricted during the monsoon months. No matter how pro you are, it is always advisable to opt for an organised tour through the forests.
A normal Non AC double bedroom costs INR1600 per day and a Non AC double suite costs INR2600 per day (prices may vary depending upon the season). Other hotels such as Sundarban Gateway Resort at Gosaba costs INR2400 for a Non AC double bedroom per night. You can also book a houseboat if travelling in a group or with family. It can cost up to INR5000-6000 per night for rooms only or INR7500 with all meals. Expect to pay extra for guide and permit if you have already hired a boat. Rowboats (INR400), motorboats (INR500) and guides (INR600) are available near the site.

Opening hours

Sundarbans is open throughout the year, however, the best time to visit is from November to March. Entry is restricted during the monsoon months (mid-June to mid-September), however, you can still book the lodges and stay but sightseeing of the mangroves won't be allowed due to hike in water levels and it's risky too.

How to get there

Sundarbans is only accessible by waterways Canning is the last railhead before Sundarbans. There are daily multiple trains that go to Canning from Kolkata. Prior reservation is not necessary. You can go an hour before your scheduled journey and buy a ticket at the "current reservation" counter. From canning, you can take an auto-rickshaw or bus to Gosaba, the last major town before Sundarbans. From Gosaba, you can take a motor launch to Sundarbans if your hotel/lodge has not arranged for a pick-up from Gosaba. Other entry points include Namkhana, Sonakhali, Sajnekhali, Najat, and Raidighi.