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Swissminiatur, Melide

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Switzerland’s only miniature park

6815 Melide, Switzerland
Self-service eateries

Swissminiatur is an open air miniature museum in the city of Melide Switzerland. It is 14,000 square metres of a mini version of Switzerland and is built to represent most of Switzerland in small scale. There are 130 buildings represented, 1,500 trees and 15,000 blooms for guests to explore for a feel of Switzerland. There are also self-service dining options, a children’s playground and choice of ethnic cuisines including Chinese and Indian. For all its small size, Swissminiatur is recreated authentically to be a true representation of all the parts of Switzerland being showcased. Since its creation in 1959, the Swissminiatur has been a prime destination to view famous buildings such as the castles of Chillon and Burgdorf, the Heidi Village in Maienfeld, the Federal Parliament as well as the Cathedral of Milan. Visitors who don’t have time to visit all these other destinations in person can just head over to Swissmiatur to sample them all in smaller sizes. There are 18 model trains which travel throughout the Swissminiatur on approximately 3.5 kilometres of train tracks.

Opening hours

Open every day From March 15 till October 26 From 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

How to get there

Take the S10 train from Lugano (7mins to Melide). The Swissminiatur is walking distance from the station.