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Tacama Hacienda

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South America's oldest winery

Av Camino Real s/n La Tinguiña Ica, Peru

Tacama is a lovely vineyard and winery located 7 kilometers northeast of Ica in Peru – a perfect side trip for those looking to do more while in Ica than just sand boarding in Huacachina. Tacama is Peru’s oldest winery and the oldest in South America as well; it was constructed in the year 1540 by Francisco de Caravantes, a Spanish man and a pioneer of wines in South America.


Being in the middle of the arid desert, one wouldn’t think Ica would be one of Peru’s most prominent wine and pisco (an alcoholic drink typical from Peru made out of grapes and used to create Peru’s most emblematic drink – Pisco Sour) exporters, but Tacama Hacienda begs to differ.


A myriad of both red, white and pink wines are produced here and exported to the world. Included in the list are Don Miguel, Terroix, Gran Tinto, Selección Especial, Blanco de Blancos, Gran Blanco, Blanco semi seco, Rosé, Albilla D’Ica, Amore de Ica, Sinfonía, Quantum, Halcón de la Viña, Rosa Salvaje, Brut, and Semi-Seco. The pisco selection doesn’t fall far behind with  Demonio de los Andes, Acholado, Demonio de los Andes Quebranta, Demonio de los Andes Albilla, and Pisco Puro Quebranta being the favorites.


Come here for a day of wine and pisco tasting, discovering the machinery used to make them throughout the history of Tacama and to walk and wander in between its lovely pink walls. The entrance includes a guided tour that will explain everything you need to know about the place, a mirador (lookout point) of the vineyards, a small refreshment consisting of cheese and samplings of wine and pisco.


Opening hours

Tuesday - Sunday
9:30 - 16:30

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