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Tea n’ tarts

Delicious baked treat you need to try when in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

No, not that sort of tart, you’ll find those in the Wanchai bars. I’m talking about the baked variety which is very much at home around here: China, Hong Kong and Macau. The egg tart forms an important part of the Hongkongers culinary armoury, sometimes taken with dim sum, sometimes in a restaurant with milk tea, but usually purchased from a supermarket or bakery to be scoffed at home. Chris Patten, the last colonial governor, was (and probably still is!) a huge fan. The tarts arrived in this part of the world, under Portuguese influence, via Macau but spread to neighbouring Hong Kong where they soon received a British makeover – think custard tarts. So, there’s actually two types, Portuguese and Chinese, both available here and both dangerously delicious! The main difference is their pastry, shortcrust (Chinese) or puff (Portuguese). So, when in Hong Kong, ask for a daan taat and enjoy! I prefer the puff variety, how about you? PS. Should be about HK$4 each.