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The Christmas Garden (Jólagarðurinn)

Photo credit: JustinPoulsen / Foter / CC BY-ND
The Christmas Garden (Jólagarðurinn)
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Visit Europe's coziest and most adorable Christmas Garden

Jólagarðurinn (The Christmas garden), IS-601 Akureyri

Jólagarðurinn or The Christmas Garden in Akureyri is probably one of the coziest and heart-warming thematic houses and parks in Iceland. The Christmas Garden is a perfect spot to head to if you are visiting Iceland with your family as this place is amusing both for adults and children alike.


Jólagarðurinn truly seems like a place where the Christmas magic seems to be more real than ever. The bright red houses resembles cookie houses and inside them you will find all the possible Christmas decorations gathered from all over the world.
There is gorgeous garden right outside the houses with benches and tables giving the visitors a chance to have a picnic in these magic and tranquil surroundings.


The Christmas Garden is open year-round and thus, it is a great place to go to if you start missing the Christmas feeling during other seasons. Moreover, there is incredibly nice and diverse selection of authentic Icelandic souvenirs and crafts to be bought and brought back home – from mittens and hats to traditional food and beverages.


Opening hours

June - August:
10:00 - 21:00

September - December:
14:00 - 21:00

January - May:
14:00 - 18:00

How to get there

The garden is not located exactly in the town of Akureyri, but little bit outside of it. Take route 821 and drive south of Akureyri for about 10 kilometers in order to reach Jólagarðurinn.