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Tortuguero National Park

Photo credit: Apetitu / Foter / CC BY
Tortuguero National Park
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A popular turtle-nesting reserve

Tortuguero National Park, Limon, Costa Rica

Tortuguero is the third most visited National Park in Costa Rica, but getting there can become quite pricey as it can only be accessed by boat or airplane.


Located on the North Caribbean coast, this park mainly consists of a maze of canals that allows visitors to explore its rich biodiversity. During a guided boat tour, visitors may see spectacled caiman, different species of monkeys, sloths, river turtles, many species of birds and even occasionally West Indian Manatees.


Tortuguero is also a major nesting ground for Green Sea Turtles and between July and October, visitors can take guided night tours to watch the turtles laying eggs or the eggs hatching.


Opening hours

8.00 – 14:00 / Night tours to watch turtles nesting can be arranged by an approved agency.

How to get there

Fly: From San Jose, take a NatureAir flight to Tortuguero. Flight time is approximately 30 minutes. / By Boat: Most hotels in Tortuguero operate their own transfers to/from San Jose. If you go on your own, travel south along the Limon Highway passing Guapiles to Siquirres. From there continue west until you reach one of the piers on the river. Different hotels use different piers for their taxi boats. Main piers include Caño Blanco and La Pavona. The boat journey takes about 1.5 - 2 hours. Total travel time is around six hours from San Jose. / Those coming from Puerto Limon in the South Caribbean can take the boat from the port at Moin.