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Wallenstein garden

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The courtyard of Wallenstein palace senate of the Czech Republic) houses a hidden garden that will blow your mind.

Valdštejnské nám. 17/4, 118 01 Praha


This is a hidden jewel of Prague, is easy to pass right besides it and not notice the entrance. The palace was created by Albrecht Valdštejn the imperial army general of Ferdinand II (1623-1630). Now the palace houses the Senate of the Czech Republic and the garden is open to the public. At the entrance of the garden you will find a copy of a marble fountain with the statue of Hercules and Nayaden in the middle created by Adriaen de Vries (all of the statues from this sculptor are copies, the original were stolen during the 30 years war and remain in Sweden). This garden is the house of peacocks (you can find the albino variety as well), ducks, owls and carps. At the end of the construction you will find the grotto, a symbol of the degeneration that is irreversible, the passing if the time that leads to unavoidable death, ruin and decadence. You can reach this garden outside the metro station Malostranská (green line) or by tram at Malonstranské Namestí tram stop (tram 12, 20, 22).


Opening hours

NOTE: the garden is NOT open from November to March.

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  • Wallenstein garden
Wallenstein garden