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The biggest water park in Guatemala with fast water slides, wave pools and areas to relax

Carretera a Quetzaltenango por la Costa Sur. Km. 180.5, Retalhuleu, Guatemala
You will find restaurants and kiosk on site.
The entrance fee is 100 Quetzales for adults and 50 Quetzales for children and seniors.

Guatemala’s biggest and most-visited water park Xocomil is situated next to the amusement park Xetulul, close to the city Retalhuleu. At this amusement park, fun is guaranteed and you will get wet for sure. It is a very modern facility with impressive water slides, artificial rivers and swimming pools. Thematically, the whole park is held in an ancient Maya style and resembles old temples and archaeological sites. Xocomil is especially frequented by the Guatemalan working class and it is well possible that you are the only foreigner in the park. The word Xocomil is a Mayan word and means ‘the wind that blows strongly over the lake’.


Xocomil invites you to relax on the lazy river while lying in one of the huge inflatable plastic tyres. Alternatively, you can doze in one of the two huge wave pools and share a double floating tyre with a friend while waiting for the waves to come. Xocomil also offers interactive pools especially designed for kids, with small water slides and fun games in the water. For adrenaline junkies the huge and speedy water slides are a must. The ‘Nido de Serpientes’ is a good start, which features seven different twisting and intervening water slides.


You will find the slide ‘El Regreson’ by following the screams. At this slide, first you take speed to drive up a ramp and just before reaching the end, gravity takes you back and you slide down the ramp backwards. Your heart will almost stop in the ‘Vuelta del Jaguar’, where you will drop down almost vertically in 90° before taking a looping in a closed slide. Fun slides for up to four or five people together in one floating tyre are the slides ‘Mululja’ or ‘Tamagás’. The latter is one of the newer attractions with a lot of speed, turns, drops as well as ups and downs.


The water park also offers recreational areas for relaxing with sun chairs and shade. On the area you will also find three different restaurants, serving typical water park food. You can choose between hamburgers, Hot Dogs and chicken wings. Furthermore, there are various kiosk for small snacks and ice-cream. Xocomil also has showers and you can rent a locker for a small deposit.

Opening hours

9:00 - 17:00

How to get there

Take a bus from Quetzaltenango with direction Retalhuleu and get off at the Xocomil waterpark. Or take a bus from Retalhuleu with direction to Quetzaltenango.