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Top 10 Unusual Things in Athens

1. Athens Basketball Game   People mainly come to Athens to see the historic sights of the city. This is still an amazing adventure, but the reality is that there [...]

Best Bars and Pubs in Athens

1. Bar Noel     The Noel Bar is located in the downtown area of Athens, more specifically on Kolokotroni Street. The interior of the place is really interesting and [...]

Top 10 historic places in Athens, Greece

1. Acropolis     For most of us, when we speak about Athens we think of the Acropolis. This place is by far the most unique and most popular historic [...]

What Are The Best Things To Do In Liverpool
Liverpool One Photo credit: Blowing Puffer Fish via / CC BY

Known, across the world, for its wide variety of shopping areas, historic architecture, entertainment, Football Club, and picturesque beaches, Liverpool is an ideal place to spend a weekend with your [...]

Athens Food Guide – 10 Local Dishes And Drinks
Lomo saltado

1. BRIAM     Athens has a huge variety of dishes that are typical for the region. One of them is the Briam, which is a dish that is really [...]