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Top 10 Meals and Drinks in Athens

1. BRIAM     Athens has a huge variety of dishes that are typical for the region. One of them is the Briam, which is a dish that is really [...]

Top 10 Attractions in Rome, Italy

1. Colle Aventino Aventine Hill is one of the seven hills on which Rome was built. The area is not as popular as many other tourist attractions in Rome. On [...]

Welcome the Spring with a Weekend Trip to the Lake District

As the snowy, cold days begin to come to an end, and the sun starts to shine bright, you can finally prepare yourself for the spring to arrive. Spring brings [...]

Top 10 Motorbiking Roads in Europe
Furka Pass- Switzerland

Have you ever ridden an electric scooter on a phenomenon road? It feels like taking a stroll through the heart of Disney Land. Europe has some of the cutest roads [...]

Top 10 Attractions in Belgrade, Serbia

1. Avala Tower   The Avala Tower is the tallest tower not only in Serbia but in the whole Balkan region. It is over 200 meters tall and it is [...]