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10 must-things to do in Berlin at night
A.Freiluftkino Berlin Photo credit: Steffen Klaus via / CC BY

  With a high multicultural, young and lively crowd, Berlin indeed gets exciting in evening and night. Its famous for its cultural nights and party hotspots. The city looks stunning [...]

The Best 7 Healthy Foodie Lunches in London

  While there are many healthy options at coffee shops and restaurants in London, few are mouthwatering. Healthy eating does not need to be boring, especially when you are paying [...]

A week in Berlin – What to see and do
B.The Brandenburg Gate Photo credit: james j8246 via / CC BY

A week in Berlin may seem like a short time when you reach the end of the journey, after all, with all the options available, you have the feeling that [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Berlin Attractions – Berlin FAQ
B.Mall of Berlin Photo credit: Pascal Volk via / CC BY-SA

  How is the Public Transportation in Berlin? Berlin has an efficient public transportation, which is economical and punctual. You won’t find any ticket checking machines at any of the [...]

Top 10 Attractions in Kiev, Ukraine

  1. Toilet History Museum   There are museums on all kind of topics, but have you ever heard about toilet history museum? This is one of the most unique [...]