January 16, 2022


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Best Things To Do In Dubai Over The Weekend

We have all heard of how the Sheiks love to show off their extravagant lifestyle. The internet is full of memes and there are several accounts which illustrate as to how the Sheiks love to enjoy life king size. Jokes apart, Dubai is surely one of the top Asian destinations that attract too many people from all over the globe. Be it the tax-free slab or the constantly developing activities and an endless flurry of activities to keep you entertained, Dubai is definitely the place to enjoy to the fullest. Dubai is home to some of the best fun spots and if you want to enjoy your weekend and have a vacation to remember, this place is definitely going to pull your heart.


Here, we are going to give you a list of the best things to do in Dubai over the weekend and it will surely allow you to enjoy to the hilt.


1. The Burj Khalifa

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Burj Khalifa”]


Who is a fool to head to Dubai and not enjoy the view from the top of Burj Khalifa? So, when you are headed to Dubai and want to have a memorable weekend, you can take a ticket and head to the very top. The elevator is going to push you to a massive elevation in a matter of a few seconds and you will be bewitched at the kind of view which you will be able to steal.


2. The Dubai Mall

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”The Dubai Mall”]

You may be wondering as to why we are mentioning heading to a mall as fun things to do over the wakened in Dubai! The reason is that it is the freaking Dubai mall.


It is one of the largest malls and is more than a shopping complex. You will find ski Dubai, Skate Park, fish tank and so much more. So, make sure to end a whole day at the Dubai mall because it is going to be worth it.


For those who are car freak, there is also a Ferrari store on level 1 wherein you can take a Ferrari car for a ride.


3. Ladies Night Out

Picture Credits: ladiesnightdubai.com


There are a few restaurants and lounges which hold special ladies night. If you would like to spend some quality time with the ladies and enjoy the best of good times, you can surely head over to such lounges and unwind yourself to have a chilled weekend. Dubai isn’t the most liberal of all countries but if you know the right places, you may be able to make the most out of it.


4. The Atlantis

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”The Atlantis”]

When we are talking about the grandiose of Dubai, how can we miss out on the Atlantis? This is surely one of the top attractions. You can also choose to stay here over the weekend but be mindful this can cause a major setback to you as far as the budget is concerned. However, most people who have chosen to stay at the Atlantis have really been glad at the experience.


There are plenty of activities to indulge in when staying at the Atlantis. We will recommend you to see the dolphin show and take a dip and enjoy the good times.


5. The Palm Jumeirah Beach

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”The Palm Jumeirah Beach”]


If you are the beach kind of person, you should make it a point to head to the Palm Jumeirah beach. This is one of the most picturesque of beaches and it will allow you to capture the best of scenes. Immerse yourself in the right kind of experience and if you love taking a dip or even want to get a tan, this is surely the place to be.


6. Burj Al Arab

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Burj Al Arab”]


The world’s only seven-star hotel, this place truly helps in redefining luxury. Even the entry to the hotel comes at a charge and staying here can be really expensive. However, if you are someone who likes to enjoy luxury, you should make it a point to enjoy the stay here. Even if you cannot afford to stay here, you can choose to dine at the top restaurant at Burj Al Arab.


7. Theme Park

Lloyd Bayer, from Wikimedia Commons


Dubai is home to some of the best theme parks. When you have kids tagging along with you, heading to the theme parks could be one of the best things you can do. There is so much which you can indulge in and so you should find out which park seems to suit your liking in the best manner.


8. The Gold Souk

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”The Gold Souk”]

If you have a fetish for gold, we totally recommend you to buy gold from the gold souk. When you head to the gold souk, you will be blinded by the glitz and glamour of the shining gold. There is no end to the umpteen pieces of jewelry which will be on display. So, you are free to pick what seems to suit you best. Dubai is famous for having the kind of gold which is known to be pure and authentic as well. So, keep an eye out for the different pieces and design of stunning jewelry and choose the best ones which suit your budget and style.


So these are the top things to do during the weekend when at Dubai. There are of course a lot of other things and activities too which will surely keep you entertained and help you have a great time.


Whenever you are planning to have a vacation, choosing to head to Dubai definitely seems like a great idea. The best thing about the country is that new attractions are often developed here from time to time so going here after a span of five years will give you an altogether new experience.


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