January 24, 2022


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Best Things To Do In Switzerland Over The Weekend

Are you headed to the ultimate paradise on earth? Switzerland is called by many as one of the true heavens which beckon one and all. The unadulterated raw beauty of this heavenly abode coupled with the fine rich taste of the Swiss chocolate and the precision of the Swiss timepieces makes this country by far the best of European getaways. In fact, not just European, a lot of A-listed travelers have labeled Switzerland as the heavens on earth because the bliss of staying in this mountain wonderland is surely incredibly mesmerizing.


So, if you have planned to visit one of the top vacations of this country, here is a rundown of the best things to do in Switzerland over the weekend.


1. Go to the Christmas Markets

Luca Florio, via Wikimedia Commons


If you are touring during the winters and say the time of travel is very near to the Christmas time, we totally believe that you should head to the endless Christmas markets which are set up at a lot of places.


There can be a lot of events which may include skating, skiing, and other activities as well. Along with it, you are sure to find food stalls, bars and tons of other buying stuff. These Christmas markets are mostly well decorated and ooze the right kind of verve and energy. So, take a stroll through these markets and be all set to be bewitched by the atmosphere.


2. Go to the Rhine Falls

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Rhine Falls”]

If you are staying near Zurich, we recommend heading to the Rhine Falls. During the winter weekends, you might not find too much of a crowd there and the wind could sometimes be too frosty. So, we recommend dressing right and carrying an umbrella as well.


There are a few boat trips that are organized and you even have well-maintained viewing platforms which can help you get up, close and personal with the Rhine Falls which are undoubtedly the biggest attraction of Schaffhausen. The boat tours take you right through the middle of the fall and it will be an experience to remember. Of course, don’t forget to steal some of the perfect shots.


3. Go Skiing

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Engleberg”]

The winter time in Switzerland is always a busy affair. If you head to ski area like Engleberg, St. Moritz, be all set to find too many people padded up in there ski gears and all set for friendly and even competitive matches. There are tons of snow sports which are held apart from skiing and people from different corners of the world gather around to be a part of such events.


Even if you are not a player, you can simply behold the enthralling competitive streaks of too many seasoned snow sportsmen who display their extravagant skills.


4. Jungfraujoch

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Jungfraujoch”]

Famously known as the top of Europe, a lot of people choose to head here over the weekends. If you are a mountain kind of person, this is definitely the place to be. The ride in itself is as exciting as the place. There are trains that take you there and the slow and traversing journey definitely makes for a great adventure.


Climbing to the top of Europe and then watching the natural beauty of the sparkling white snow covered mountain is an experience which no one can ever forget in their lifetime.


Even at such a tantalizing elevation, you will be amazed at the marvelous display of the prowess of technology. There are chocolate shops and even watch shops at the top of Europe and of course plenty of souvenirs to take back home too.


5. Wine Time

Photo on Foter.com


If you have a thing for good wine, there are few things as pleasing as going for a wine session over the weekend. As it tends to get frosty cold in Switzerland during the winters, it is very likely that you will find a whopping number of places wherein you can sip wine and have a great time. So, check out the best bars, pubs and enjoy your time raising a toast to your life.


6. Discotheques

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Now, the people in Switzerland surely have a great decorum even when it comes to partying. Most of the discotheques and night bars are open only during the weekend. So If you are a party animal, be prepared to immerse yourself in a different kind of fun and spirited theme in Switzerland over the weekend. If disco is your thing, you might have to wait for the weekend to settle in. Ideally, Fridays and the weekend are the right time for late night partying as the work week often finds the discotheques close. This is the case mostly in small towns like Interlaken.


7. Plan a Mini Europe Tour

oatsy40, via Wikimedia Commons


If you are someone who stays in Switzerland, the weekend is a great time for a mini getaway to neighboring countries like Paris or even England for that matter. There are a lot of European nations which you can visit by train within a few hours. So, choose the destination which seems to appeal to you the best and you can spend the weekend there and come back to the heavenly abode. A weekend trip to Paris from Switzerland is fairly common among too many people.


So, these are some of the amazing things which you can enjoy over the weekend when in Switzerland. Of course, the country is expensive and be prepared to shell quite a lot of money because absolutely nothing comes for cheap in this European extravaganza!