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  • http://foter.com/ff/photo/8616671977/fc7a823410/

    Sweet Sightseeing in Radovljica

    The small town of Radovljica is a well hidden Slovenian gem, located at an altitude of 491 meters. The town has had a long tradition of being one of the [...]

  • 2. Dubai museum Photo credit: *_* / Foter / CC BY

    The Top 10 Attractions In Dubai

    The Dubai Museum is an awesome place to start your tour with   You can have some fun at The Wild Wadi Water Park:   Enjoy the luxuries offered by [...]

  • 166154_600747457891_370865_n

    The Value of Travel

    I have always been interested in people and their lives. The romances, the dramas, their day to day routines and apartments, their local community, even what they wear and why. [...]

  • newtree

    The Real New Orleans Experience

    “This can’t be it—” I shook my head slowly, staring at the dilapidated double shotgun style house in front of us. “Can it?”   My husband, Steve, came around from [...]

  • 3

    Moko Jumbie Magic

    Do you remember seeing roadside air dancers, their pencil-like bodies and flailing arms ducking and diving as air is blown into them from a noisy generator as they promote something, [...]

  • Berlin

    I step out onto the sidewalk as a crowd moves slowly down the street. Not just any crowd. A protest. They proudly carry banners with their messages written in German. [...]


    5 Underrated Destinations in Colombia

    As Colombia is starting to draw in attention places like Cartagena, Medellín, el Tayrona, and Taganga are the new rave, and have made it to the top of everyone’s list. [...]

  • Tuva

    The Landscapes of Chuysky Trakt

    My friend Jorrit and I had travelled on the Transsiberian railroad to Novosibirsk, and then down south on an overnight train to the Russian Federal Republic of Altai. Our plan [...]

  • mandalayhill_museflux

    Unconventional Travel Lifestyle

    It’s been almost a year since I left behind the stable comfort of a full time job, a great apartment and the unique experience of living overseas. The best of [...]

  • Andrews, Jessica -Christmas in Rome- 1

    Christmas In Rome

    Christmas in Rome – just the idea sounds magical, doesn’t it? Imagine it: the famous Christmas Market in Piazza Navona, carolers strolling Rome’s narrow, cobblestoned alleyways, the Eternal City lit [...]