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  • By Cocu (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

    Koh Phi Phi: Everything You Need to Know

    The largest and the most famous island in the Krabi province, Koh Phi Phi island is a paradise for all beach goers and party makers. The island is a perfect [...]

  • IMG_20150729_200122

    Pai – The Small Hippie Town, Thailand

    Not much is known about the northern part of Thailand, let alone the small towns and districts. But, if you are a traveler like me who likes to explore places [...]

  • 5186574179_4a1dbffb96_b

    The City of Chicago

    Did you know that Chicago is the second largest Serbian city? It inhabits around 400.000 Serbs. Another interesting fact that connects this city to our own country is that Chicago [...]

  • 3-4-1-4-n-3-4-1-2-u-n-n-n-1-2-u-n-n-u

    Top 5 Must-See Places in Serbia

    1.  Belgrade – The “White City” with Long Historical Tradition and Fabulous Nightlife The Serbian capital, Belgrade, is by far the most visited place in Serbia, with more foreign tourists [...]

  • Wild-Movie-2014

    Top 10 Movies for Travelers

      Alright, there are times when we stuck at home (or on a long plane ride) and we just can’t do anything else but watch a good movie. If you [...]

  • Birds of Lake Manyara

    Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania

    Lake Manyara is located in northern Tanzania, between the Serengeti and Arusha. Lake Manyara is a national park of roughly 330 km2 (130 square miles) in size. It is a [...]

  • fish n resort

    An Intimate About Maldives

    If a honeymoon is meant to be a celebration of love in an intimate, secluded, and most importantly, beautiful setting, then the Maldives is the world’s best backdrop for all [...]

  • Tripedia Beaches

    Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast

    Right north of the well known tourist destination Costa Rica, lies the rather unknown Central American country Nicaragua. This country is packed with some of the nicest beaches and best [...]

  • 1897813_10151962638227373_572391661_n

    How I Got Over My Fears and Traveled The World

    Did you ever feel that you weren’t good enough to shine?   I always used to think that to really get what you wanted, abiding by the system was required. In order [...]

  • IMG_1622

    Marrakech: Top 5 Experiences

    Stepping into Marrakech will throw your senses into overdrive, there is so much to see and do that I have filtered out the best experiences from a chaotic 3 days [...]