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  • Photo Credits: pixabay.com

    10 Best West Coast Mexico Souvenirs

    While the west coast of Mexico may not have the crystal clear water and beautiful beaches of the Caribbean east coast, there is still so much to love about it. [...]

  • Photo Credit: pixabay.com

    10 Top Belarusian Souvenirs

    Belarus is famous for natural souvenirs, which deserved its popularity throughout the centuries. Thanks to their quality the souvenirs bought in Belarus can serve you for a long period of [...]

  • Photo Credit: pixabay.com

    10 Top Hong Kong Souvenirs

    Nobody likes to return from a vacation without souvenirs, especially after the tour to Hong Kong, one of the world’s trading capitals. Fortunately, this city offers much more than banal magnets, [...]

  • Photo on Foter.com

    How To Travel To Stockholm On A Shoestring Budget?

    Many a time, it may so happen that you do not really have a budget to splurge but the desire to travel and explore is whopping. So, what do you [...]

  • Painting of Templer German Colony 1887 by Jacob Schumacher Old Pic. from Tempelgesellschaft archives. New pic. A. Ben Dor

    German Colonies in the Holy Land

    Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Holy Land   Below is a bit of history that many of you may not be aware of:   At the end of the [...]

  • Photo by Pasi Mammela on Foter.com

    Travel Tips – Top Things To Know When Travelling To Sweden

    Whenever you plan to travel to a foreign destination, we always recommend running a search on the destination. While the idea of an impromptu trip does excite us, we believe [...]

  • Photo Credit: pixabay.com

    10 Top Indonesian Souvenirs

    Indonesia is a beautiful and unusual country with its original culture. You can bring different souvenirs from Indonesia, but there are so many varied things and bright craft that many [...]

  • 1 Photo by mikethurston221 on Foter.com / CC BY-SA

    5 Of The Best Lakes You Need To See In Sweden

    Sweden is one of the most picturesque of all countries in Europe. With its scintillating beauty, the lush green valleys, the snow-clad hill slopes, and even the large lakes; you [...]

  • Photo Credit: pixabay.com

    10 Top Malaysian Souvenirs

    Located not far from the equator, Malaysia has rich flora and fauna. Also, this country has old traditions of crafts and souvenirs. You can find a lot of amazing things [...]

  • Photo Credit: pixabay.com

    Top 10 Lao Souvenirs

    Travelling is not only new impressions but also souvenirs brought in memory of the trip. Tourists shouldn’t think hard about what to bring from Laos. This country in Southeast Asia [...]