January 16, 2022


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Interview with Wiktoria of The Spoiled Queen

The Spoiled Queen is a fashion/lifestyle blogger and independent journalist with several years of experience in blogosphere, online media and TV. Wiktoria started her blog in 2010, having a strong urge of sharing her travel experiences and places she happen to live in. At the moment her blog is fully devoted to Hungarian fashion and party scene in Budapest. To read more about her experiences, visit her blog The Spoiled Queen.

  1. When did you first start travelling and which is your favorite travel memory?

I started travelling at the age of 20, when I took my first trip to USA and spent around 3 months there.
I had a lot of good memories from the US, as I happened to be there 3 times (each time for a longer period). The best memory is of a semi legal party in a warehouse, somewhere in Brooklyn. Funny enough that a taxi driver dropped me and my friends to Bushwick street, where the party was supposed to be held, but when we got off, we did not see anything except some old factories. You can imagine 3 young girls in the middle of a night, who had to follow the sound waves of music coming from one of the warehouses. I cannot recall better party than this one in my entire life! Other than that was my trip from Delhi to Jaipur, beautiful landscape on the way with amazing food!
Central Park New York

  1. What is your favourite travel movie/song/book? Any traveller – dead or alive – who inspired you to travel at the first place?

My favourite song is surely going to be “Desert rose” by Sting. I love the video where he just comfortably sits in his car and goes into the unknown. Another one, without which I can not really imagine my trip is Matisyahu “Crossroads”.
The best movie which inspires me till now is “All about my mother”, directed by Pedro Almodóvar, especially the scene, where the main character Manuela sits in the train and travels from Madrid to Barcelona. Beautiful song and dazzling view of Barcelona strikes in my head.

  1. What are your 5 must-have’s (apart from the basics such as passport, credit card, phone) when travelling?

Camera, MP3, some notebook, good book and water.

  1. How do you fund your travels?

Tea house Brno
I have a lot of  friends settled all around the world, so generally they are hosting me. But if I am not visiting them, then I try to find places under my budget on Google or budget websites. Most of my funds come from my regular job which I am saving time to time.

  1. What do you focus on while travelling to a new place – people, culture, attractions, food, adventure, or nature?

First and foremost people! I love to talk to locals; they can easily get annoyed with my enormous amount of questions! Secondly very important part of each travel is the city’s night life. If I cannot find a good electronic party, I am not 100% satisfied with my trip.

  1. What is your advice to travellers who are just beginning their journey?

They should do some research before they travel to a particular place and if possible find some locals via internet, who can give them some good advices about interesting venues. I feel quite sorry for the travellers who constantly end up in the most common and touristic venues in every city. They have to let themselves to be lost in the city. Walk as much as they can and always keep their eyes open – this is the only way to find ultra-cool spots!
Atlantic City US
When I came back from the US I decided to run my website, where I used to share useful tips regarding my travels. Since I am located in Budapest now, the website is fully devoted to Hungarian fashion and Budapest party scene along with useful local tips.

  1. What is your number 1 money-saving tip to other travellers?

Sleep in hostels; eat in some local restaurants/bars which are not occupied by a lot of tourists. Buy some dry food in some local supermarket, which you can eat later.

  1. What is the longest you have travelled for? What advice would you give to travellers thinking of long-term travel but are hesitant to go ahead?

I guess it was when I used to study in Czech Republic. We were constantly going for some longer or shorter trips during the 4 months and I was constantly packing and unpacking my suitcase. Even when I came back to Poland, 3 weeks later I had to travel to another part of my country to lead one of the work camps and right after that, I travelled all the way to Macedonia by train to attend another training. It was a crazy time, during which I met so many new people, each of them from different part of the world.
The advice which I can surely give is to buy a durable suitcase! Other than that, keep a check on your account balance before and during the trip. Many things can happen on the way, so it is better to be secured. Very important thing prior your trip is to check health insurance regulations in particular country. Once I ended up in some hospital in France, even though I had a health insurance, still I needed to pay nearly 300 EUR for 1.5 day of my treatment!.

  1. What is that one destination in your list that you are dying to go to and why?

I want to rent a car and travel all the way from New York to San Francisco. I just love this feeling when you are in the car and drive along (in my case as a passenger). You leave everything behind and don’t really care what will be next, it sorts of freedom. US is a perfect place to get this feeling (they have amazing highways haha)

  1. What are your upcoming travel plans?

I am going to apply for new visa to US, so hopefully I can back there soon. Most probably I will visit Spain again and this time the southern part, which is actually on the top of my list and right after UK.
trip to India
Maybe once again India..